What if a Company could be Owned by:


What if a Company could be Owned by:


What if a Company could be Owned by:


What is a Cause Corporation?

Conventional business and nonprofit forms do not allow for a cause-owned business. On one hand, businesses are owned by investors, who have the sole right direct the management and profits. On the other, nonprofits are “owned” by the public good for the advancement of a charitable purpose, but are legally restricted from conducting business.

A Cause Corporation solves these opposing constraints. Simply stated, Cause Corporations utilize a legal architecture and governance model specifically designed to enable a cause-owned business. In so doing, Cause Corporations allow for a uniquely future-proofed and self-sustaining mission-driven enterprise.

Who are we?

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to make charities less reliant on charity and business more responsible for social good. We help nonprofits generate sustainable income streams, so they can invest less in fundraising and more in impact. And we help social enterprises forge a deeper connection to the purpose that inspires their mission.

We live at the intersection of profit and impact, blurring the lines between business and philanthropy. We are the builders and champions of the Cause Corporation – part legal architecture, part business best practices, part best-of-breed tech – All Purpose.

    Who are you?

    You are Curious, Perhaps Skeptical
    but hopefully Hopeful.
    You could be a:

    • Nonprofit looking to harness the power of business as a sustainable funding source to create greater impact
    • Start-up or early stage social enterprise seeking a radically innovative design architecture that makes purpose truly innate to your operations
    • Businesses seeking a powerful alternative to charitable “give backs” and affiliate company foundations.
    • Closely-held business owners interested a tax-efficient, legacy-building exit strategy.

    Get Involved!

    We love working with people who want to change the world. Let us know what you are up to and how we can help.

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